Make the Yarn

Make the Yarn

The first thing you are going to need to do to get started on your rag rug piece is make the yarn. This can be done in a variety of fabrics but I’ve chosen to give you jersey fabric in the kits. The greatest benefit of using this fabric is how it behaves when you cut it into strips. Jersey doesn’t fray which gives the rag rug finish a cleaner look. It also stretches into a yarn type coil of fabric which is lovely and easy to work with.

You can experiment with other fabric types. Rag rugs were traditionally made using old and unusable fabrics, so basically anything that came to hand. Any garment that couldn’t be mended or scraps that had no use. With this in mind rag rugging is a great way to use up odd pieces of fabric or clothing you’re going to throw away. Tshirts made with jersey are ideal so next time you’re about to throw one out make it into some lovely tshirt yarn instead!

How to

1. Unravel your fabric piece and lay flat on a surface with the shorter end facing you (so the long length rolls away from you).

2. Cut a strip along the longest edge of the fabric – cutting away from you. Start cutting the strips around half an inch thick. You can experiment with sizing later on but this is a good starting width. Cut all the way along the fabric to create a strip. If you want to make a longer piece stop around 1 inch from the end, turn the fabric around and cut another strip half an inch away from the original cut.

3. To make the yarn thinner and longer gently pull it in sections. With each pull, you’ll see the fabric properties change and become longer and thinner. Make sure the fabric is even along the length and roll it into a ball.

Francesca Stone
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