Rugging Small Loops

Rugging Small Loops

Let’s start with making small loops. This is a great way to add different textures and looks to your rag rug. Traditionally the rug is a tasselled look (which can be made using this technique – head here next) but there’s no reason not to create a range of different looks in one piece!

First of all make the yarn for your rag rugs – check out this tutorial to find out how to do that. Always leave an inch of your base fabric around the edge of the rugging. This ensures the fabric doesn’t fray to the point where the yarn falls out of the weave.

1. Hold the end of the rug against the back of your base fabric close to where you want to start the rugging.

2. Still holding the yarn in place turn the fabric back over. Push the hook into the fabric where you want the rug to start.

3. Hook the fabric yarn over the hook end of the rugger and pull it back through the fabric. Continue to pull of the yarn from the longer tail end until you make a small loop on the front of the fabric.

4. Move along the fabric and repeat the loop until you finish the row. Then start a new row underneath the last loop and move along in the opposite direction.

Keep going to fill the space. You can keep the loops in perfectly formed rows or scattered more unevenly over the fabric.

Francesca Stone
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