Making Tassels from Strips

Making Tassels from Strips

This second way of creating the tassel rag rug is the more traditional version. Instead of using the rugger as a hook we use it as a bodger or poker. The fabric yarn is pre-cut into small strips that are used to create the tassels. This works best if all the strips of fabric are the same size. That’s where the rug gauges come in. Click here to see the tutorial on using the gauge to cut even fabric strips.

1. Once you have the strips cut, use the end of the rugger to push the end of one fabric strip through the backing fabric from the front to the back, then back through to the front. Push it back out close to, but not in the same place that you pushed it in.

2. Pull the rugger back out of the backing fabric leaving the strip in place. Even up the strip so it’s the same length on both sides.

3. Repeat this step with another strip of fabric next to the first piece. Continue along tot he end of the row.

4. When using the larger gauge push the strips down into place. Then continue to rug over the area you want to cover.

The longer strips will fall flatter while the shorter strips will stand on end and create a thicker rug effect. Take a look at the difference below!

Francesca Stone
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