Creating Even Fabric Strips

Creating Even Fabric Strips

When you’re rag rugging with individual strips of fabric the whole piece will look much more finished if you’re using evenly sized pieces. But cutting each piece of fabric could take longer than making the piece itself! That’s where your rug gauges come in. This is a quick and easy way to get perfect pieces of fabric to rug with.

1. Wrap the strips of fabric around the gauge. The idea is to move from one end of the gauge to the other end evenly.

2. When you’ve finished wrapping hold the fabric in place, open up your scissors and slip one side into the groove in the gauge and the other side over the top of the fabric. Cut along the length of the gauge letting the fabric strips fall as you go.

And now your strips are ready! This works the same way on both size gauges.

To make the most of your fabric yarn start the fabric at the groove to make a full strip at the start of the gauge (as shown below).


Francesca Stone
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