It's all About Being Creative!

I’m Fran. I write a blog called Fall For DIY where I share tutorials and DIY’s.
I decided to start we make collective after meeting far too many people that don’t believe in their own creativity. Creativity is something we practice and learn. Not something we’re gifted with.

We Make Collective Shibori Dyeing-10

At We Make Collective we believe in learning through a creative lifestyle. We believe in experimenting and embracing our differences. That’s why our monthly subscription kits are not designed to make a single item, but to learn a technique and use your individuality to create something unique. We’re also bringing together the best bloggers to show you an array of exclusive skills each month.

  • Learn: We Make Kits are not designed to make one, three or even ten different items. They’re made to encourage creative freedom and explore each of our individual ideas of design. The kits are packed full of the very latest in DIY and craft materials you might be struggling to get your hands on elsewhere. We pride ourselves on the quality of the items, moving with but not relying on the latest trends to make up each box of treats. We source the materials from local and independent suppliers who themselves are discovering their own creative journey. When you purchase a subscription or one-off kit the We Make Collective bloggers will bring you an exclusive range of base knowledge tutorials, inspirational ideas and creative uses for every kit we send out. What you do with it is up to you!


  • MAKE: We will have two content sections on the website. Free beginner content to get everyone making – whether you’re part of the collective or not. And an exclusive section for subscribers with a huge range of interesting and different skills, techniques and uses for the kits each month.

  • SHARE: We’re all about sharing inspirations and positive feedback. The site will include an area to share images and blog posts to show the rest of the collective what you have created with the kit and even how you did it!

We love bloggers, creative and independent businesses. One of the most important aspects of We Make Collective is supporting our contributors and collaborators to help them continue to create the amazing and inspirational businesses they put so much into. They are going to be providing a lot of the information and inspiration in our collective so we think they deserve full credit for their creativity!

By supporting your own creativity with We Make Collective you will also be supporting everyone else in the collective as well.

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