DIY Embroidered Geometric Necklace

DIY Embroidered Geometric Necklace

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I’m not a patient maker and so I’ve often steered away from embroidery projects over the years. I dabbled in cross stitch as a youngster and came up with a few very easy projects that require only a handful of straight stitches more recently but I’m not one to sit and meticulously sew a catalogue of complex stitches or embellish with pretty beads and sequins (unless I glue them on). Even my appliqué is done with a sewing machine. So I wanted to come up with a project for people like me, who like ‘simple’ but effective embroidery. Thankfully my intern Charlotte Daw came up with this super simple but fun jewellery idea. I love how great it looks and yet most of it is just created with a repeated straight stitch. We picked striking colours to make it a statement piece and brainstormed how to make it wearable. Here’s how to make it.



  • embroidery hoop
  • embroidery thread, as many colours as desired
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • felt
  • necklace chain with clasp
  • fabric supplied in your box
  • 2 x split rings
  • needle

step 1

To start I sketched out a rough idea of the shape I wanted to create on paper first. I then translated it, using a ruler and pencil onto the fabric. Don’t worry about the pencil marks on the fabric, your embroidery should cover these.

step 3

Once you are happy with the pencilled shape use the embroidery hoop to tighten and stretch your fabric to create a taught piece to work with. Now thread up your needle, I tied a simple knot at the end of the thread to start it off and pulled it through from the back starting at the corner of a triangle. 

step 4step 5step 6step 7

Now create a stitch going to the opposite side. Repeat this process simply going across the triangle shapes, line to line. You’ll quickly finish the first triangle.

step 8

Now you can either continue with that colour and pick another triangle in the same colour, close by to continue with or tie that colour off (the same as how you began) and start a new colour. Work your way through all the triangles, trying to spread the colours evenly across the whole shape.

step 9

Once you have finished all the triangles cut out your shape leaving roughly 5mm around the edge. Now place the embroidered piece on some felt and cut around that. Place them together. Simply sew using the desired thread to go around the raw edge of your design and the felt. Pull the thread through from the back of the felt and the embroidered piece, as close to the edge of the outermost triangle as possible. Loop around the edge of the cut out piece and back through the felt. This method means there are no gap in the embroidered edge by the end. Continue this process until the whole piece had an embroidered edge.

step 10

Attach a split ring to both top corners of the shape with a few more stitches on the back incorporating the rings. Attach the necklace chain to either split ring and away you go! Your necklace is ready to wear.!

diy embroidered geometric necklace 4

Teri Muncey
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