Making tassel Shapes

Making tassel Shapes

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As well as making woven shapes, it’s also possible to make shapes from tassels. I’m in heaven right now… my tassel love has just reached a whole new level! Tassels are easy to make and attach to both the bottom of the weaving and anywhere within it. Here is where you can start making those shapes.

Try triangles, squares or even something more complicated. Bring in sections of different colours or just mix it all up and go random.

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1. Weave a piece of card or your wooden needle through the warp threads. I’ve gone for two up, two down because my thread is very thick and I don’t want to distort the weaving by placing one on every thread.


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2. If you’re using chunky wool you only need to wrap the wool a couple of times. If you make your tassels too thick they are hard to attach to the weaving and can distort the shape. The size of this loop depends on how long you want to tassel tails to be. For these tassels I’ve just gone for my hand as a guide.

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3. Work out where you want to place the shape and thread the loopy part of your tassel to be underneath the warp and back up the other side from left to right.

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4. Now bring all the thread you have left in your hand from the left hand side over the warp thread and through the loop on the right hand side. Pull the knot tight so that the tails are all lying down towards to bottom of the loom.

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5. Keep working across the loom to create the first row of your shape. If you’re going for a symmetrical look then make sure you have the same amount of warp threads without tassels on either side.

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Now start on the next row building up the tassels into the final shape.

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6. Once the shape is created build up the weave around the tassel shape to help define it. Weave up and along one side of the shape, continuing to weave to the top and then go back and fill in the space left on the opposite side of the weave.

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