No-Sew Shibori Fabric Planter

No-Sew Shibori Fabric Planter

Having tried making so many planters for my ever growing green buddies if there was just one thing that I couldn’t keep my mind off were fabric planters. There is something about the folds that appear quite alluring to me. But was I ready to stitch? Not really I am not comfortable with sewing machine which is why fabric glue came to my rescue.

And needless to say, it was a no-brainer that dying the fabric with my We Make Collective Shibori kit would be perfect to make them fabric planters.


  • We Make Collective Shibori Kit
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Jar lids ( for the round ones )

Prepare your dye as per the instructions of the kit here. Let your dye sit for an hour or so until there is a cluster of foam floating on top of the dye bath that is when you know that your dye is ready for use. Meanwhile, we will jump into the making of the fabric foldings. Measure your fabric according to the planter you want it in. Consider at least 4-5 inches of cloth in excess for the seam and for it to be loose enough to fit a plant in.

Plug your iron box and begin to fold around 2-inch cloth in an accordion until all fabric has been folded ironing each fold. Fold them in a quarter and tie them up with elastic bands thrice ( as tight as possible ). Keep them aside.

Now, Make another accordion this time the folds being 2 ½ inches wider ( also make sure to check it with the lids or round cardboard pieces you will be tying them up later ). Once again fold them in an accordion. Place two round jar lids and wrap them up tightly with elastic bands ( I had used cardboard pieces but I had leakage, jar lids do a better job )

Dip your fabric in the vat, wait for it to oxidise and turn blue from green. The stronger the colour you desire the more dips it will require. I dipped mine four times each. Remove the elastic bands to reveal the exciting design that you just created. Rinse them in cold water and hang them to dry.

The rest of the tutorial is you and me glueing the dyed fabrics to open tetra boxes, let’s go ahead, shall we? Make a seam and attach the loose end to the fabric with some glue, go ahead make a seam for the other one as well. After that, we got to apply some fabric glue to both the ends and press them to one.

Now that we have a hollow cylinder we will take one end and fold it like so. Open up the ends of the fold like you see in the picture and apply glue where the ends meet. We let that dry before the next step. As you see we have two pointed ends sticking out which we will fold and glue them in. You may also consider placing a heavy object over it so they can adhere well. Let them dry for a day before use.

Fold the top of the fabric planter as desired and don’t forget to keep a saucer underneath your plant to avoid the leaking water mess.

This is was such a fun project seeing the dye oxidise and turn this beautiful blue. Not only I have two beautiful fabric planters but thanks to Fran I was able to crush my intimidation with dying. Truly with the right tools, guides and tutorials it’s safe to say one can make their crafting ideas come true.

Francesca Stone
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