Private Policy Statement

Private Policy Statement

When you make a purchase from We Make Collective or sign up to the We Make Collective newsletter I will ask you for your name and email address. These details are stored securely on We Make Collective and Convertkit. Only I have access to the password for this account and I will never sell or give out any of your details. In the unlikely event that I change email marketing provider, I will download the details to my personal computer and upload them onto a new service, deleting them permanently from the previous provider. If I make any changes I will update this policy immediately.

I will use your details to send product updates, newsletters, information on products or services I provide, affiliate links and sponsored content.

You are able to opt out of any and all of these emails by unsubscribing at any time. If you would like me to delete your data from my email list please email me and I will make sure all of your information is removed permanently.

When you make a purchase from We Make Collective I will take your postal address and phone number. I will only use these details to send you your purchase using Royal Mail. I will never sell or give out your personal details to any other party.

You are also asked to give your email address and create a password. This is so you can access your account on We Make Collective. You can login and change these details at any time. If you forget your password you are able to reset through the original email address you gave when signing up.

Technical and organisational measures to prevent data processing systems from being used by unauthorised persons, to include:

  • User identification and authentication procedures;
  • ID/password security procedures (special characters, minimum length, change of password);
  • Automatic blocking (e.g. password or timeout);
  • Monitoring of break-in-attempts and automatic turn-off of the user ID upon several erroneous passwords attempts;

If, in the unlikely event there is a data breach I will notify you within 24 hours of any breach, keep you promptly and fully informed of each and any incident involving personal data and respond reasonably to audit requests.

I only take payment through Paypal. None of your payment details are accessed or stored on We Make Collective. We only have access to your Paypal email address.