Shibori & Natural Dyeing Online Course


Learn how to harness natural dyes and create stunning shibori designs at home.

Create a range of natural hues on cottons, silk and linen fabrics using ingredients you can find in your own kitchen or even forage from your garden. Our tutorials guide you through creating dye baths, the dying process and fixing your fabrics. We also go in depth into creating traditional Shibori patterns and using them in beautiful handmade items.

Alongside the dyeing processes we show you how to create negative patterns in your dyed fabric using batik work. This technique gives you a lot of control in creating pattern over you fabric, paper and even egg shell surface.

Throughout this course you will learn all about the natural, home dyeing process and how to create successful pieces. You’ll come out of the course with a good knowledge of manipulating the fabric and dyes with a huge range of outcomes.

Included in this course are the following lessons:

  • How To Mix Your Indigo Dye Bath
  • Itajime Shibori
  • Kanoko Shibori
  • Ne-Maki Shibori
  • Dyeing With Fruits And Vegetables
  • Batik Easter Eggs
  • Shibori Padded Notebook Cover
  • Tie Dye Furoshiki
  • Batik Indigo Mudcloth
  • Indigo Beads And Avocado Pouches
  • DIY Shibori Hand Warmers
  • Editing And Uploading Your Hand Dyed Designs To Sell
  • No Sew Shibori Totebag
  • Shibori Wall Art Mount
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