Rag Rug Kit

Included in your kit:
Rag Rugger | 35mm Rug Gauge | 75mm Rug Gauge | 5 Rolls of Fabric | Base Fabric

My first experience with rag rugging takes me back around 10 years. I first tried it out in a victorian back to back house as an example of how women used to recycle and reuse old textiles. Hence the name rag rugging. It was literally a way to make rugs out of your old rags!

Now this is a really fun way to make a rug but in this ecourse I wanted to explore the technique and do more with it. Instead of creating rugs we will be exploring how to expand the use to a bigger range of objects and make something modern from an older skill.

All of the techniques can still be used to create a rug of course! But before embarking on such a large project in this ecourse there are lots of smaller DIYs to experiment with and hone your technique before taking on a larger creation.

So now let’s dive into the tutorials and start making!

Francesca Stone
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