Rag Rug & Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Rag Rug & Pom Pom Wall Hanging

The rag rug technique is such a great way to add texture into your home and means you can include all sorts of different techniques into one piece. Why not pour all your techniques into a beautiful, statement wall hanging. To buy something like this it would cost you a small fortune but make your own, one of a kind version for much less and it’s the kind of thing you can crack out in front of the telly for a crafting session .


  • Rug hook
  • 3 balls of wool in the colours of your choice
  • 1 ball of jersey yarn (this can be purchased from The Flying Tiger)
  • 2 cotton t-shirts in complimenting colours
  • Scissors
  • Hessian cut into a rectangle, the size and shape you want the wall hanging to be.
  • Any beads you want to use to add decoration

Step 1: Cut up some of the jersey yarn and using your rug hook pull it through the hessian from the front. This will give you two ends coming out of the front of the hessian.

Step 2: Tie them together to make a bow. I only tied it once but if you want to add more depth you might think about tying it a few times.

Step 3: There are so many ways to make a pom-pom but for this DIY I have gone very basic. Get a small piece of card and wrap your chosen material around it a few times. It’s possible to do this with loads of different types of materials.

Step 4: Once you have gently removed the wound up material from the piece of card, use a larger string of thread from the same material to tie a tight knot around the centre.

Step 5: After you have tightly secured the larger string of thread around the centre of the wound up piece, you can begin to cut the loops created. This will give you the pom-pom effect once you have finished cutting them all. Make sure you neaten your pom-pom to get the rounded look.

Step 6: With the extra thread that hangs away from the pom-pom (this will be the remains of the piece you use to secure a knot around the centre) you can use your rug hook to pull the ends through to the back of the piece and secure them to the hessian.

Step 7: In order to create a material braid for your piece you need to gather long pieces of different materials. It’s up to you how many you want to include in the braid. I have used 5 here and you need 3 as a minimum.

Step 8: Firstly, you need to create a knot on one end of the material in order to secure the materials together. Once you have created that knot you can begin to braid neatly. When you come to the end of the braid tie another tight knot and leave the ends dangling for a desirable tassel effect.

Step 9: To create the tassels at the bottom of the piece, you need to follow the instructions exactly as if you were making the braid in step 9. Make sure the material is long enough to get a good grip of it to knot it, as working with loads of pieces of material can be quiet difficult.

Step 10: When you have securely knotted the materials together you can cut the tassels down to your desired length.

Step 11: In order to secure the tassels to the hessian, I threaded the top of the tassel through the hessian with the rug hook. You can secure these on the back by tying them if they are long enough or using a small needle and thread to secure it.

Now you can sandwich the top edge of the wall hanging in between two pieces of balsa wood, secure with some wood glue and tie some embroidery thread around either end to create a way to hang your piece.

Teri Muncey
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